Pistons are two new blocks which have been added in the 0.15 version of Minecraft Pocket Edition. It’s still in beta and only available for Android but it will be likely be out for all operating systems very soon. A piston is a type of redstone block which can be used to push blocks (or pull if you use a sticky piston) once triggered by a redstone signal. This map is a showcase of 10 different piston creations.

Here is a piston trap. Once a player or mob steps on the pressure plate a hole opens up in the ground.


Here’s a hidden staircase which can be toggled on and off by the use of a lever.


This door is much safer than than an ordinary wood door as it can only be opened by using one of the buttons found on each side of the door.


The fence door is perfect for medieval type of builds or if you for some reason want to be able to see through the door.


Besides these four creations there are six other redstone builds which you can discover for yourself in-game!

Important: Join the beta (click here) before trying to play the map. It’s currently only for Android users!

10 Piston Creations Map Download Link:


Author: Bensen247

10 Piston Creations [Redstone] Map for MCPE
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