A Lost Soul Map for Minecraft is a mysterious stories about a boy with a lot of memories. This map will definitely give you new experience that you have never had before.



He wonders the ocean, looking for the ones he used to know. He was left behind, all alone, no one around to care. The memories of his loved one replay in his head, he thinks of his family every day, wondering of he will ever seen them again, but still, he remains, lost. In the distance he sees land, as he slowly moves closer, he sees the rocky monoliths of when he was young. As he approaches he stares at the leaf tops on the monoliths, he closes his eyes and a tea rolls down. As he stares back up the leaves he was looking at start to move, the ground shakes beneath him and from behind the monolith appears hope, happiness, love….. Family




Texture Pack: Notuxia

Mods used in video:

  • Optifine HD
  • Camera Studio
  • Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shaders




A Lost Soul Map for Minecraft
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