Anti Grief Mod for Minecraft is an anti griefing mod which replace mobgriefing rule with individual commands with status on F3 debug Screen. Basically, it nerf chosen mobs in your SSP and SMP World.



  • gamerule AntiCreeper True/*False
  • gamerule AntiDragon True/*False
  • gamerule AntiEnderman True/*False
  • gamerule AntiGhast True/*False
  • gamerule AntiCropTampering True/*False (Mobs Only)
  • gamerule AntiWither True/*False
  • gamerule AntiZombieDoor True/*False
  • gamerule AntiZombiePick True/*False
  • gamerule AntiTNT True/*False

Anti Grief Mod Installation:

No Modloader is needed

  • 1. Navigate to minecraft directory (%appdata%)
  • 2. Go to your bin folder
  • 3. Open “Minecraft.jar” With an archiver (winrar, 7zip, winzip or whatever)
  • 3. Delete “META-INF” folder
  • 4. Drag the files into “Minecraft.jar”
  • 5. And your done

Note: Once installed, these game rule will be set to default (True). mobGriefing Command might be useless once this mod is installed.



  • Change to the command so it is easier to read
  • Added couple of new commands
  • Added Status on F3

For 1.6.2

Vanilla SSP/SMP:


For 1.5.2

Vanilla SSP/SMP:


For 1.5.1

Vanilla SSP/SMP:


Credits: conspiracycrime

Anti Grief Mod for Minecraft
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