Minecraft is one of the biggest games on the market at this point in time, and it will very likely stay that way. Despite its meager graphics and lack of plot line, the entire game is well received and popular. The biggest cause of this is probably the interaction the players can have with the game itself. There are mods being created incredibly often for this game, and these mods improve the game play. The Bouncing Balls Mod is one of these modifications that was created to generate a more intriguing atmosphere for the players.


What is the Bouncing Balls Mod?

The Bouncing Balls Mod Minecraft is a way to resolve the issues players experience with falling from surprising heights as well as the troublesome dilemma of wanting to scale a structure but finding yourself incapable of jumping high enough. The balls are crafted with ease, requiring very little materials in order to be created. They must be equipped in order to be effective, though, and their existence in the inventory will not be enough to aid the player in their quest. The color of the balls can be changed to the player’s preference as well.



How does the mod work?

Many players have experienced the painful deletion of a major portion of their health bar over an insignificant tumble down a tall structure. Others have attempted to leap up over high erections and have found themselves incapable. The balls that can be easily created by the player allow individuals to augment their jumps in order to scale large structures, or, when equipped, also allow the player to prevent the damage associated with falling from great heights. The obsidian bouncing ball actually grants fire resistance for thirty seconds, too. Many balls are available to give players resolve in situations that are otherwise stressful or annoying.


How do I install the Bouncing Balls Mod?

The first thing to do is make sure your Minecraft forge is the right one for your version of Minecraft. Then download the most recent version of the mod, and make sure to put it in the mods folder. Next, run the game with the mod! By using the Forge API 1.11.2 to support the mod, the player can utilize great modifications like this one to enhance the overall game play within Minecraft. This generates more fun and appreciation for the game.



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– Colored Balls


– Egg Bouncing Ball

You need eggs as ammo!


– Snow Bouncing Ball

You need snowballs as ammo!


– Dynamite Bouncing Ball

You need gunpowder as ammo!

WARNING this ball creates explostions!


– Slime Bouncing Ball


– Clay Bouncing Ball


– Redstone Bouncing Ball


– Glowstone Bouncing Ball


– Gold Bouncing Ball


– Iron Bouncing Ball


– Diamond Bouncing Ball


– Obsidian Bouncing Ball

Gives fire resistance for 30 seconds after use


– Emerald Bouncing Ball


– Nether Star Bouncing Ball


Download Links:

For Minecraft 1.7.10


For Minecraft 1.8.9


For Minecraft 1.9.4 and 1.10.2


For Minecraft 1.11


For Minecraft 1.11.2

Download from link 1 – Download from link 2

For Minecraft 1.12.2/1.12.1/1.12


Bouncing Balls Mod 1.12.2/1.11.2/1.10.2/1.7.10
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