Building Bundle Map for Minecraft brings us back to the medieval era with a series of buildings in this theme. If you love ancient structures, this mod is for you. Some structures from the original pack have only had slight alterations made, whiles other have been re-built from scratch. The new buildings feature a less symmetrical look, with crooked beams missing tiles from the roofs, cracked and crumbling walls as well as vines and other plants growing in and around the structures, to give the feel of a more real working environment.



How to install Building Bundle Map for Minecraft:

  1. Extract the .zip file download
  2. Open the exacted folder and then open the folder within that
  3. Drag the world saves, schematics to thier appropriate .minecraft folders.
  4. Use mcedit or worldedit to load them into your worlds!

Texture Pack: The New Building Bundle uses a non-ore based texture pack from the voxel box called Palceon

Building Bundle Map for Minecraft
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