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Command Blocks

Explore Minecraft world with thousands of updated-information Command Blocks. Search an interactive list of minecraft commands block.

Command: /give @p minecraft:command_block

Spaceball minigame with only one command block. This is a minigame that uses some of the cool mechanics... 
Updated: July 4, 2016 | Comments

Spongegar and other funny memes in Minecraft. An awesome creation with no mods and only one command... 
Updated: June 29, 2016 | Comments

Jumpscares Command Block allows you to prank your friends using jumpscares, and all in your very own... 
Updated: June 20, 2016 | Comments

Have you ever wanted to encounter more exotic creatures? Well with this command hopefully you too will... 
Updated: June 18, 2016 | Comments

Families Command Block allows for you to get your very own family in vanilla Minecraft. You can craft... 
Updated: June 18, 2016 | Comments

Special Parkour Machanics Command Block adds four different parkour mechanics. Screenshots: Command... 
Updated: June 18, 2016 | Comments

Aliens Command Block allows you to communicate with aliens via a satellite and summon them to your world!... 
Updated: June 17, 2016 | Comments

City Generator Command Block helps you generate big cities in an instant with only one command. Command... 
Updated: May 19, 2016 | Comments

The infamous Entity 303 a myth? Only a creepy pasta? It doesn’t really matter, since this command... 
Updated: May 4, 2016 | Comments

Be the Wither Disguise with only one command block. When you kill a wither boss in minecraft and you... 
Updated: May 4, 2016 | Comments