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Wither’s Challenge is an adventure/wave mini-game that uses Minecraft 1.5 new redstone and NBT tricks! Recommended players: 1 to 3 players Features: No... 
Updated: February 11, 2013

Metropolis v3.0 designed by Jacob Sawyer aka ‘poncharelli’ is a fully functional city with office buildings, entertainment and recreation,... 
Updated: February 9, 2013

A project from evenTime Team: the Laxmi Vilas Palace. Texture Pack: Eventime’s Texture Pack Music: Bosa – Winter at the castle Camera studio Sonic... 
Updated: February 8, 2013

Author: ERRAGAN Type: Adventure Screenshots: Installation: See this post Download Link: Credits:... 
Updated: February 7, 2013

Stranded is an Adventure Map with elements from RPGs such as Main and Side quests, NPCs, custom items. In order to play this map properly you have to... 
Updated: February 6, 2013

Screenshots: Credit Enmah
Updated: February 6, 2013

Features: Animated reels Credit system Calculated win payouts Diamonds Place a diamond in the coin slot to recieve your 9 credits (spins).  Pigs fall... 
Updated: February 2, 2013

Karma-Map (1)
Terraform – Tropical Islands: The terrain seems to be an ancient volcano that began an atol and some volcanoes. You will appear on the yacht, that... 
Updated: February 2, 2013

Located on an island the town consists of many unique buildings in my typical building style. In the center you can find a Spawnhall, perfect for warps,... 
Updated: February 2, 2013

This is a scale model of the famous Bf-109 second world war fighter. It’s an E model from the period of the Battle of Britain, belonging to the... 
Updated: February 2, 2013