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Resolution: 32x
This pack is based off of the original Kyctarniq’s pack, which is at its most basic, the same back but runs at a higher resolution which means it can... 
Updated: August 29, 2016

ScarySauce Resource Pack Screenshots: Resource Pack Installation: Download the resource pack from the link provided below Go to Start Menu... 
Updated: August 29, 2016

Download and Install Crackshot Guns Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.10.2/1.9.4/1.8.9 Crackshot Guns resource pack retextures many items such as the hoes... 
Updated: August 29, 2016

Resource Pack Installation: Notice: Download and Install Optifine or MCPatcher for this resource pack. Download the resource pack from... 
Updated: August 28, 2016

Lidrith 3D Models Resource Pack Preview For those who want 3D models and have a computer that can handle them, download the separate pack below and... 
Updated: August 28, 2016

Resolution: 64x
About Wolfhound Resource Pack Wolfhound Resource Pack brings a new look to Minecraft world. It seems to be a good choice for Minecrafters  who love... 
Updated: August 28, 2016

Lithos Core 32x – Complete Resource Pack Features: Completely replaces all Default Textures Familiar default-style appearance, but with attractive... 
Updated: August 28, 2016

Resolution: 32x
About Crafteryada Resource Pack Crafteryada is a 32x Resource Pack. It has an organic look with grey-tinted colors inspired by packs such as John Smith,... 
Updated: August 28, 2016

Resolution: 128x
About: Full of Life Resource Pack is a very nice and realistic pack comes with high resolution of 128x. Enjoy! Awesome Full of Life Resource Pack Previews: Resource... 
Updated: August 28, 2016

About Eventime’s Resource Pack Eventime’s Resource Pack is so famous for its beauty and amazing builds but unfortunately it ended at 1.4.7. However,... 
Updated: August 27, 2016