Colour Rush Parkour Map for Minecraft is a ultimate parkour map for a fun game with your friends, a quick game by yourself or on a server. Colour Rush Parkour has you covered!


Colour Rush Parkour Map is a fast-paced map, made for you to race your friends or race against the clock, the map also includes state of the art redstone, meaning that all you need to do is click one button and play, but that doesn’t mean you can’t customise the settings, as this map includes weather and time of day settings, not to mention a special ‘Jump Boost’ Mode!


  • A challenging parkour for up to 4 players.
  • Clickable signs for settings.
  • A timer.
  • Customisable weather settings.
  • Customisable time of day settings.
  • Special ‘Jump Boost’ Mode.
  • A reset button in case something goes wrong.

Map Showcase:

Colour Rush Parkour Map Installation:

  • Go to Start Menu > Type %appdata%/.minecraft/saves folder
  • Download the map from the link provided below and extract file
  • Drag the downloaded file into the “saves” folder
  • Close tabs, run Minecraft and be ready to enjoy new map

Download Links:

For 1.8

Credits: Uandime489, Windchill7

Colour Rush Parkour Map for Minecraft
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