Complex Map for Minecraft is intended to be a single player adventure that sets the player in the midst of a large 3 dimensional maze, rooms are connected together from each of the four walls, as well as above and below. The player starts with intentionally very little direction. The game adjusts the settings as the player advances. The player must navigate throughout the Complex, room by room in search of the Answer.



Complex Map
Complex Map
Complex Map
Complex Map
Complex Map
Complex Map
Complex Map
Complex Map
Complex Map
Complex Map
Complex Map
Complex Map
Complex Map


  • 1. Difficulty – Easy
  • 2. Mode – Adventure
  • 3. Render Distance – Far
  • 4. Don’t break anything.


  • Complex is completely intended for single player. The 2 Player Version will work but it is not recommended. If you do desire to play Complex with a friend, you MUST read the READ ME file included in the download file.
  • Beginning Spawn point should be X 189, Y 61, Z -489

Estimated Completion Time:

  • 1 – 5 hours. Because Complex is a little more open than linear, it’s possible to have a variety of time lengths. The player decides which paths to take and that will alter the end time. Reports have come back to me that the total time was around 4 to 5 hours, but if you are logical enough, it’s possible to complete the map between 1 and 2 hours.



  • Replaced all levers outside of Complex with Redstone Blocks to discourage griefing
  • Biome layout redone Beach/Sky to possibly prevent squid spawning
  • Added puzzle to diamond house
  • TelepOREtation puzzle fixed for 2 Player Version
  • Changed Emerald TelepOREtation to Lapis TelepOREtation
  • Watermelons changed to apples
  • Book titles changed to assist in final result
  • Some puzzles made a bit easier to find UID
  • Trapped chest hallway puzzle made harder
  • Water columns made more difficult to stay on
  •  Better prize for successfully jumping Chest parkour
  • Changed “The Wall” reference
  • Various other minor tweaks and spelling fixes

Single Player Version (Recommended)

2 Player Version

Complex Map for Minecraft
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