Cruise Ship – Viking Star for Minecraft is the lead ship of the Viking Star-class of cruise ships, and the first such ship operated byViking Ocean Cruises, a division of Viking Cruises. She entered service in April 2015. Two Viking Star-class sister ships, Viking Sea and Viking Sky, will join her in the Viking Ocean Cruises fleet in 2016.

Hello everyone! Beforehand, I would like you to know that I changed my name from ShipXD to SXD. I’m sorry if you’re having trouble finding me (that’s why you should subscribe ;)) I’m back with Viking Star, a luxury cruise ship run by Viking Ocean Cruises.

Length: 228 meters
Beam: 29 meters
Draught: 6 meters

Cruise Ship – Viking Star Screenshot:

Cruise-Ship-Viking-Star-3 Cruise-Ship-Viking-Star-2 Cruise-Ship-Viking-Star-1

Cruise Ship – Viking Star Download:

Credits: SXD