When it comes to Minecraft customization, one of the best ways to change the experience as you see fit is by adding a resource pack, and Faithful Resource Pack provides you with that exact same feature. Sure, some are HD, others add new biomes and there are a few that just are plain crazy, but the reality is that there are always some great and fun resources that you can use.


The Faithful Resource Pack for Minecraft is one of the best resource packs for Minecraft and it comes at a resolution of 32x, but there is a 64x version just in case if you want, it’s all up to you and how you find it convenient.

There’s a whole ton of things you can check out in the Faithful Resource Pack, because not only you have a ton of new items, but you also have the opportunity to experience a fully changed new environment in any way you want, without any restriction.

A standout addition in this resource pack is the large number of blocks that can literally change the game experience. It’s very nice to see that something so little can have a very large impact on the overall results. We think that with the pack you can literally change the way you look at Minecraft, because it just manages to add a large diversity and a ton of stuff that you simply can’t find nowadays. Instead, what you get is an astounding package filled with lots of goodies and which is clearly very nice and exciting.

This pack is HD, so if you want to enrich your experience while playing Minecraft, then there’s no other, better choice that you can make. It’s nice to find new textures for the things you love the most in Minecraft, be it animals, buildings and so on. Faithful Resource Pack manages to bring you everything in one place, all combined in a very exciting and highly appealing package that you will enjoy using.


You can always be certain that the gameplay experience will be enriched exponentially. In the Faithful Resource Pack 1.10.x/1.9.x/1.8.x Minecraft, no two things will ever be the same, as the game play is streamlined and it’s transformed exponentially into something better, more appealing. Faithful 32×32 texture has been loved by the players for the unique atmosphere of beauty and comfort in the realm of Minecraft


In conclusion, the pack is a great addition to the arsenal of any Minecraft player, and it comes with a fairly simple installation process that you can read below.


  • Added Spactator Widgets.
  • Added Rabbits.
  • Added Alex.
  • Added Guardian.
  • Added Guardian Beam.
  • Added Guardian Elder.

How to install:

In order to use HD resource packs properly (32× and higher) you will need to either patch your Minecraft using MCPatcher or using Minecraft OptiFine.

  • 1.Download either MCPatcher or OptiFine. If you downloaded OptiFine, skip to step 3.
  • 2.For MCPatcher: Run the mcpatcher-X.X.X.jar file and proceed to click “patch.”
  • 3.For Optifine: Install OptiFine like any other mod – By opening minecraft.jar, and placing the .class files from Optifine’s zip file within.

Download Links:

For 1.10.2

[32x] http://dl7.file-minecraft.com/index.php?act=dl&id=1473670760

For 1.9

[32x] http://dl7.file-minecraft.com/index.php?act=dl&id=1463391358

For 1.8


For 1.7


For 1.6


Faithful 32x Resource Pack 1.10.2/1.8.9/1.7.10
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