This’s a mod taken from the ground with mini-ruins on top. The ruins’ shape, material and mob spawners’ choice of mobs are all biome-based.

The Floating Ruins Mod is suitable for all of us that like adventuring and exploring ruins. The ruins are abandoned and located very high in the sky. These are actually quite similar to the ruins that you can find in Terraria and they are filled with a ton of great stuff.

Some of the ruins in the mod can include treasure, structures and all the cool stuff that you would like to obtain. The entire premise is designed in order to deliver a one of a kind experience all around and the outcome will be well worth it, so you should totally give it a shot!

Floating Ruins Mod

An interesting thing is that everything from the shape of the ruins, the mobs in them or the treasures is influenced by the biome you are currently in. Some biomes are offering you better rewards, while others focus on giving you a stellar experience all around, and that on its own can be simply stunning to say the least.

Even if the structures created by this mod aren’t really looking like ruins in the first place, they are very exciting to explore and you do get that neat RPG feel when you explore them which is extraordinary and fun at all times.

Since each ruin will guarantee at least a spawner and a chest, your adventures will definitely be filled with great treasures as you play, so you should totally focus on that and obtain the experience you want, which is great. Of course, there are plenty of other possibilities in the game thanks to this mod, because you can explore and find a random ruin added by the Floating Ruins Mod 1.8 anywhere in the world.

floating-ruins-mod-2 floating-ruins-mod-1

This happens because the ruins are spawning randomly and thus it will take a little while for you to get the best possible experience, which is what you need for sure.

The ruin exploration phase is by far one of the action packed moments you just can’t find anywhere in the Minecraft world, as Floating Ruins Mod has managed to masterfully create an action packed experience where adventure and excitement intertwine in a perfect manner.

If you like action and exploration, this mod is here for you and it does manage to offer something different and exciting all the same. Of course it can be hard to reach these ruins in the first place, but the true challenge always lies in front of you and it can be very demanding. As we said, there are tons of rewards to be had in these ruins, so they will definitely up the ante when it comes to difficulty and fun!


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How to Install:

  • Download and run the latest version of Minecraft Forge
  • Download and install BspkrsCore.
  • Go to Start Menu > Type %appdata%/.minecraft/mods
  • Download the mod
  • Move the downloaded Jar (zip) file into the “mods” folder
  • Done and Enjoy the mod.

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For 1.5.1

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For 1.5

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For 1.5.2

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For 1.7.2

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For 1.7.10

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For 1.8

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For 1.10.2: coming soon

Author: bspkrs

Floating Ruins Mod 1.10.2/1.8/1.7.10
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