If this is your first time playing Minecraft, then let me be the first to say congratulations on your decision! Minecraft is an innovative building game with a HUGE world that is different for everyone. To progress in the game, you must mine materials and then craft them into useful items, such as a bucket for collecting water or a pickax used to mine harder materials. There are four difficulty settings in Minecraft: peaceful, easy, normal and hard.


In peaceful mode, none of the dangerous monsters will appear at night. Not having to worry about a creeper sneaking up on you seems nice, but there is one major downfall with this approach. There are certain crafting materials that can only be obtained from killing the various monsters in the game, such as gunpowder for crafting dynamite. It is recommended that you start out playing on easy mode.

Easy mode will allow all hostile monsters to appear in the world. Getting attacked on easy mode will do minimal damage to your character. In fact, the only difference between easy, normal and hard mode is how much damage the monsters will do to you, not how many will appear. Monsters only appear where it is dark, such as in caves. At night, monsters will start to appear on the surface and will attack the player on sight.


The first task that you need to accomplish is gathering wood. There is a chance that you will spawn in a desert environment with no surrounding trees. In this case, you will need to quickly travel in one direction until you find trees. Once you’ve found trees, you need to collect a fair amount of wood. Ten to 15 pieces will do.
Once you have enough wood, you need to craft it into wooden planks. One piece of wood creates four wooden planks. A good strategy is to craft five pieces of wood into wooden planks. This gives you 20 wooden planks, which is plenty at the moment. You currently only have access to the 2×2 crafting grid. It is available by opening your inventory screen. To have access to the 3×3 crafting grid, you must create a crafting bench. The crafting bench is created with four wooden planks, one in each of the four squares in your 2×2 crafting grid. To use your new crafting bench, you must place it on the ground. You place items on the ground by dragging them to the bottom row in your inventory screen and then right clicking somewhere in the world with the bench selected. Now that you have access to a crafting bench, you can create items such as pickaxes.

You can create a pickax out of three wooden planks and two sticks. Sticks are created by placing two wooden planks vertical of each other. Two wooden planks will create four sticks. A pickax is created by placing a wooden plank in each of the three squares in the top row of the crafting benches crafting grid and one stick in the center square of the middle and bottom row. The pickax will allow you to effectively mine stone and coal.

To find stone, you must dig below the dirt or sand layer. Sometimes you can find stone on the surface. Quickly collect at least six cobblestone blocks by mining stone with your wooden pickax. Once you have your cobblestone, head back to your crafting table. Create another pickax, except this time use cobblestone instead of wooden planks. Your new stone pickax is stronger, faster and more durable than your wooden pickax. The stone pickax is able to mine more durable blocks such as iron.

Now would be a good time to create a weapon. First, craft some more sticks. Next, activate your crafting bench and place one stick in one of the blocks on the bottom row of the crafting grid. Finally, place a cobblestone block in the two squares above the stick. Now you have a sword to guard against attacks.

Next, you need to find some coal to make a torch as nightfall isn’t far away. Coal can sometimes be found on the surface. If you’re not that lucky, you may need to search for a cave to explore. Remember, dark caves are a great place to run into a creeper. A torch is made with one stick and one piece of coal directly above it in either the 2×2 or 3×3 crafting grid.
The last thing you need to know to survive is never to dig straight up or down. Falling into lava is never fun.

How to Survive in Minecraft
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