Test your luck with the Lucky Block Hardcore Mod. Break the block and look forward (or maybe not) to 25 different instances of disastrous and sometimes amazing outcomes. Make sure to set difficulty to survival and try to survive at least 25 rounds of hardcore lucky blocks!

How to obtain the block?

If in surival mode type /Hardcore in the in-game text chat to obtain the hardcore lucky block. You can also obtain the block by using the creative inventory and going to the decoration tab.

  • Lucky Block Hardcore (ID: 200)

Prepare for the worst and then place down the block on the ground and destroy it.

There are 25 different things which can happen and most of them are bad. It’s only on a few rare occasions (obviously depending on your luck) that something awesome will happen, such as receiving lots of valuable gear.


A sign from above! Maybe I’m the chosen one?!


Flying creepers, that’s almost an even more crazy idea than flying pigs.


Lava, zombies.. seems like luck isn’t on my side today.


Phew.. lucky it’s daytime otherwise I could have counted my last days.


Arrows falling from the sky!


God must hate me..


Even if it’s a great risk that some incredibly bad things will happen there’s a tiny chance for good things too. On two other tries I got loads of valuable gear and plenty of fish!


Lucky Block Hardcore Mod for MCPE Download Link:

PKG: http://dl5.file-minecraft.com/index.php?act=dl&id=1469765061

Lucky Block Hardcore Mod for MCPE
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