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While there are many fun games out there that give you the freedom to do whatever you want in the wide open world, Minecraftclearly stands out with its unique idea and player-made modification. Minecraft is produced by a game making team named Mojang located in Sweden. Mojang has also gained popularity by some of its other games such as Cobalt and Scrolls. Minecraft is a first person game where you can build literally anything you want and there are countless amounts of different aspects in the game that will keep you entertained for months. In this article you will be reading about:

  • The overall idea and goal of the game.
  • Multiplayer.
  • Player-made modifications.
  • Personal opinions
  • Overall Review

The Idea:

Minecraft starts off with the player spawning in a random place in a randomly generated world, the first thing you should do is punch a tree to get wood in order to craft tools to get better materials and upgrade your tools, this goes from wood, to stone, to iron, to gold and finally to diamond which is special and hard to find. There are different gamemodes such as creative mode, which gives you access to flight and gives you unlimited amounts of any item whenever you want which makes it great for building huge structures. Minecraft is a game that is made with blocks, just huge blocks, and that makes building a lot easier. There is survival mode which is the default mode where you have to get everything yourself and manually. There are creatures that attack you at night such as Zombies, Skeletons that shoot arrows, Creepers that explode when near a player and spiders that can do a lot of damage and climb walls.


When you go into multiplayer on Minecraft, things are a lot more complex than you might think. There are thousands of players on servers and you can easily get lost and confused, so you have to get used to it. When you join a multiplayer server, you have to enter the IP address for the server which you can find online in server lists. There are different kinds of servers such as Minigame servers, where you play various games specially prepared and built for you and other players, survival where you just survive like in singleplayer except there are many other players with you, and PvP servers where you go fight other players with swords, armour and bows and arrows. Most of these servers have ‘Bukkit’ which is something you can add to your server so you can tweak it, that way you can have automated minigames and automated PvP arenas. There are server networks that you can find which are basically a huge group of people that own very many servers, usually minigame servers and PvP servers that have unique games and objectives such as The Walls and Survival Games (An in-game replica of the Hunger Games movie). You can create your own private servers so you can just play with your friends too!

Player-made Modifications: 

While this game is pitch perfect just the way it is, many players think that they should add things to it to make it better. There are two major types of player-made modifications, there are Mods, and Texture Packs. Mods are made by skilled players that know how to code Java, they can add crazy things into the game such as new creatures, enhancements to the give the game a simpler interface and even Super Heroes! Mods are a way for players to express their creativity in ways that are not possible in the game. Texture Packs are different textures designed entirely by players to make everything look better, they redesign all the textures in the game to give a better image when playing. Players usually design high resolution texture packs that takes the game’s usual 16x pixel textures and makes them 32x, 64x and it goes higher and higher until 512x! But getting extremely high resolution texture packs makes the game glitchy and demands a powerful computer. The game without any changes can run on most computers as it the graphics are not too stunning. Players have also made Adventure Maps, where players build a game within the game without the use of any mods!

Personal Opinion:

As a Minecraft player for over 2 years, I personally think that this game is probably the best game I have ever played in my life, although it seems so bland and boring once you actually learn to have fun with the game it becomes addicting and extremely fun. I think that anyone at any age could find interest in this game as it has so many different things to offer. You hardly ever hear about bad reviews or this game receiving hate as it is pleasing to everyone in a different way. This game is fully appropriate for all ages and never seems childish to older gamers. Minecraft lets you build anything that you want! And once you buy the extremely cheap game, they will never charge you any more money for DLC or anything like that. The developers work extremely hard on the game as they never stop updating it and adding so many more things such as horses and crazy bosses!

Overall Review: 

Minecraft is a must have game as it comes for a very cheap price and has so many things to offer. Whatever you want in Minecraft, you will get and you can easily tell how much work the team has done to make such a wonderful game with such an awesome idea. They update it constantly and add new features at no extra charge. This game is definitely a game that deserves all that it earned with its huge fanbase and more. The developers actually have a connection with all the players and they communicate well, most of the features that are requested to be implemented are usually implemented into the game unlike most other games. Minecraft, is an awesome game.

Thank you! 

File-minecraft Team

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