Minecraft Survival Mode Basics are the focus of this article. Minecraft is shipped with two main game modes. Survival mode is exactly what the name describes it to be. The player is set in a new world, and must survive.


First thing a player should always do is collect wood. Wood is used in a variety of things. Wood may be harvested from the beginning by punching trees. Wood in its raw form may be used for building, or burning to make charcoal.

Charcoal may be used to cook or create torches. If the wood is converted into wooden planks it can be used for many other things. One piece of wood can be converted into four wooden planks. Wooden planks can used to make a variety of things including weapons , tools, objects, shelter, and other things.

After collecting and converting wood, it is wise to convert some planks into sticks. Sticks are the main ingredient in every tool. Tools include axes, pickaxes, hoes, shovels, and shears. There are also two weapons that can be made with sticks plus some other items.

They are a sword, and a bow. Swords are used not only to defend yourself, but also to kill animals for food. There are three animals that will grant you food after they are killed. There are chickens, pigs, and cows. They respectively give raw chicken, raw pork, and raw beef, which can then be cooked.


Raw meat will restore less health than its cooked version. Other wild animals include sheep, and wolves. Sheep can be sheered to collect wool. Wool can be combined with wooden planks to make a bed.

Wolves are tamable is you feed them bones. There is no set of amount you have to feed a wolf to tame it. Might take one or may take one hundred, If a wolf is harmed by a player, it plus any other wolves nearby will attack the player.

Before the player beings collecting food, or attacking wild animals, they should build a shelter. It is recommended that a player starts with a smaller shelter; eventually they may build a bigger one. But it’s wise to use the least amount of resources as possible.

Next, the player should make a pick axe so they may collect minerals. When collecting stone the player gets cobble stone. Cobble stone is used to make stone tools, weapons, and stoves. Other minerals that may be collected through mining are used in tool construction except for coal. Coal is used to cook, or make torches. Coal is also used to smelt ore blocks into bars.

Minecraft Survival Mode Basics
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