MineFactory Reloaded Mod 1.10.2/1.7.10 is a continuation of powercrystal’s MineFactory Reloaded, which is also a continuation of MineFactory. It is away to automatically farm plants and animals, as well some new rail tracks! With this mod you can set up a completely automated farm for any of these things that requires no real work aside from collecting the harvests and reloading the planter, without incredibly complex and unwieldy water/piston solutions. And you can milk cows to death or otherwise run livestock farms if you need those resources. Oh and it has conveyor belts too.





MineFactory Reloaded Mod Recipes:

MFR aims to automate a number of tasks that previously would be difficult, boring, or work-intensive. It also provides some additional support blocks and machines.


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The first thing you’ll need to make is rubber. You can find MFR rubber trees in swamps – look for the bright green leaves – but IC2 rubber will also work. The config file allows you to disable MFR rubber trees in worldgen in case you prefer IC2 rubber trees. Once you have raw rubber, smelt it once to get rubber bars, and then again to get plastic:

MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
(Top: IC2 rubberballs, bottom: MFR rubberbars)

Then, take your raw plastic and craft it into plastic sheets:

MineFactory Reloaded Recipes

Finally, make machine blocks:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes

And a hammer:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
You’ll need it to rotate machines. OmniTools supports it as of 3.0.0, for those of you rolling your eyes at ‘yet another tool’.

There’s also “ceramic dyes”, used for a few things later. Substitute the dye of your choice to change the color.
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes

Due to MFR liquids being placeable in the world, milk buckets can no longer be drank from. Instead, you can make milk bottles:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes

There is the ability to smelt sugar into sugar charcoal:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
Weaker than standard charcoal, but easy to come by.

Some machines accept upgrades:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
There are numerous upgrade tiers, all crafted like this but with the top material changed (to gold, bronze, silver, diamonds, etc). Upgrades boost the effective radius of a machine. Machines with upgrade slots will have a single slot with a ‘ghosted’ upgrade spite in it.

I’ll also take a moment to explain the MFR GUIs. Most machines will look like this:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
Some may not have an inventory or a liquid storage bar. From left to right, the four bars at the right are:

  • Liquid stored
  • Power stored
  • Progress towards completion, which is not always used
  • Idle countdown, which occurs if a machine can’t do anything (to reduce CPU load)

Several have specialized GUIs, and their individual entries will describe that.

All machines can be broken by hand; you don’t even need a pick. Breaking a machine will drop its items but destroy any power, liquid, or work progress it has built up.

Finally, all machines can be powered by BuildCraft power (or Thermal Expansion conduits) or IC2 power (up to MV only!). All machines can be serviced by any standard liquid pipes (BC or TE), and will attempt to drop items into BC pipes first, then adjacent inventories, and finally will just drop items onto the ground.

Plant Farming

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The first thing you’ll need is a planter:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes

Planters affect a 3x3x1 area above them. Place dirt* in a 3×3 grid, and center the planter directly under it. Place plants in the planter, and it will plant them. It understands every vanilla plant, from wheat to carrots to trees to cocoa, as well as IC2 rubber trees, RP2 rubber trees and flax, ExtraBiomesXL trees, and everything from Pam’s HarvestCraft except apple trees.

*assuming your plant grows in dirt. If you’re farming netherwart, use soulsand, etc.

Planters accept upgrades.

Next, you’ll want a harvester:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes

Harvesters affect a 3x3x1 area in front of them. Center the harvester so its animated face is aimed at the middle of one of the sides of the 3×3 area immediately above your dirt block (so it’s touching any plants in that tile) and power it. It understands the same set of plants the planter does, as well as some extra things like flowers and tall grass. Harvesters slowly produce sludge, a liquid which will be covered later.

Harvesters also have a special GUI:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
It has three extra settings:

  • “Shear Leaves”: if Yes, it will act like shears on leaf blocks. You’ll get no saplings, but a ton of leaf blocks. Useful if you want to have a ton of cheap scaffolding and you have spare saplings. (Screenshot is old, text says ‘shear’ now)
  • “Small Shrooms”: if Yes, it will harvest small mushrooms instead of ignoring them. This is provided so you can decide between mushroom-spreading farms and mushroom-growing farms.
  • “Jungle Wood”: if Yes, it will harvest (vanilla) jungle wood instead of ignoring it. This is provided so you can grow cocoa, as it must be attached to jungle wood.

Note for server owners: when the Harvester encounters a tree, it expands its search radius to find tree blocks. A larger search area means it can cut down giant trees, but it doesn’t make any attempts to make sure that what it’s cutting down is the same tree, and larger areas mean higher CPU load. The default settings are intended to cover large oak trees, but can be adjusted in the config.
The height it searches for cactus and sugarcane can also be changed, in case you ever need to do that.

Harvesters accept upgrades. Note that the GUI screenshot above is old and doesn’t show the upgrade slot.

Finally, you’ll probably want a fertilizer:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
Fertilizers are placed the same way as harvesters, except on a separate side. They act like the player using bonemeal. They do not run off bonemeal by default (but this can be enabled in the config), but instead on a special MFR fertilizer:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
If IC2 is installed, IC2’s fertilizer will also work; likewise with Forestry and its fertilizer. The fertilizer understands everything the planter does (try it on flax!).

The Fertilizer accepts upgrades.

Animal/Mob Farming

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Animal farming has changed wildly from MFR 1.x. All animal machines, unless otherwise specified, affect a 5×5 area. It all now starts with a breeder:

MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
The breeder will consume wheat to place any animals in front of it ‘in love’. Once they breed, you’ll want to use a Chronotyper:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
Which can be used to filter children from adults, or vice-versa. It will place sorted animals behind it. Note that chronotyped babies will still try to walk towards their parents because you are a horrible person.

The Chronotyper GUI has a single button that allows you to toggle between babies and adults as the target.

If they aren’t growing up fast enough, get a Vet:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
Vets can use syringes on animals. The base syringe is fairly easy to make:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
And then you can make health syringes:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
Or growth syringes:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
If golden carrots are too expensive, you can try your luck at zombie syringes which usually work:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
But I take no responsibility for a sudden growth of undead.

There are de-zombification syringes, which can cure villagers:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
And slime embiggening syringes to make slimes bigger, solving a vital problem everybody faces
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes

Health syringes heal animals a small amount. Growth syringes turn babies into adults. There are rumors that this works on villagers too…

All syringes are reusable and turn into the empty version when used. You can use them from your hand, as well.

Once they grow up, you can use a second Chronotyper to pull the adults out. You now have two choices.

You can use a Rancher:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
The MFR 2.x Rancher is very different from its older counterpart. It can do the following:

  • Milk from cows and Mooshrooms
  • Mushroom soup from Mooshrooms (put empty bowls in the inventory)
  • Wool from sheep
  • Ink from squid

If you want the death drops, you’ll need to kill them. You could stab them, but why do the work when you can use a Grinder:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
These things instantly kill any mob in front of them and produce one of their drops at random. Grinders slowly produce liquid Mob Essence as a side effect, which will be covered later. They work on any vanilla mob (except villagers), allowing you to build fuilly automated harvesters for things like blaze rods or spider eyes that normally require the player to kill the mob or a lot of extra effort. They will even retrieve any enchanted items!
The Grider must be manually programmed by me for any modded mob. If your favorite mod lacks support, tell me.

Finally, you should consider putting Sewers under your animal pens:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
Sewers very slowly generate Sewage, a liquid that will be covered later. They do not require power. Sewers only cover a 1×1 area above them, unlike other animal machines. The more animals within a sewer’s operation area, and the bigger they are, the more sewage is produced.

Sewers accept upgrades. Sewers will shut down if they detect another sewer within their operational area.

And if you’re wondering how to get the animals to your base, try a Safari Net:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
Did you know that every time you lure animals with food or transport them by minecarts for miles a ghast cries? It’s true! And now you can harvest that power to transport them much more easily. Safari nets work like programmable mob spawn eggs – right click on a mob to capture it, and then again on the ground to place it. Works on hostile mobs, but not villagers. And it even gets the spawn egg colors while ‘full’.
Infinitely reusable!

Over time those ghast tears turn into slimes, which are a pale imitation of their ghastly brothers but still do the job:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
This version is cheaper but will be consumed when the mob is placed.

Have you wanted to capture mobs from a distance, or perhaps shower your friends in creeprs? The Safari Net Launcher has your back:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
Just rightclick to fire.

If you find a mob spawner but it’s not in a useful place, get a Portaspawner:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
Rightclick on a (vanilla) spawner to pick it up, then rightclick again to place it. This item is only good for a single use. Note that it respects any custom spawner settings, in case a mod generates a special one.

Item Transport

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One of the oldest features of MineFactory (even before the Reloaded) has been conveyor belts. They’re still here:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
(It makes 16 at a time, this is an old screenshot). Conveyors carry entities along them – items for one, but any mob or player as well. Make escalators!

You can now dye them with ceramic dyes:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes

To get things onto conveyors, use an Ejector:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
A redstone pulse will pull from any adjacent inventories and eject out the ‘hole’.

Items on conveyors can be sorted with Item Routers:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
The slots correspond to the colored sides. It will output into the air, an adjacent inventory, or a BuildCraft pipe. It also has a single-slot internal inventory so incoming pipes/etc can place things into it. The top is a valid input but not output to avoid items bouncing in and out forever.

Item routers can pull things off MFR conveyors placed on top of them if that item has a valid route in the router.

You can end conveyors with an Item Collector:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
Any items that bump into them will be placed into adjacent chests. It understands sided inventories (like furnaces), too. Unlike Item Routers, they will never drop into the world.

What if you want to sort liquids? Well, the Liquid Router has that covered:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
Behaves like the Item Router. Works with BC pipes and TE liquiducts. Should work with most tanks and tank-like machines. To sort, place a container of the liquid you want in the matching slot – i.e. a bucket of water in the red slot will make water go to the red side.


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Next up, we have the Fisher:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
The fisher must be placed over at least 3x3x1 of water, so that the bottom face of the fisher is touching the center water tile. It will then slowly produce fish.

There’s also a block breaker:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
Pretty much every mod has one of these, this is just around for save compatibility more than anything. That and people that like conveyor belts I guess.

The Weather Collector can generate water from rain or snowballs from snow:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
It does nothing in a desert. There’s no rain there, what did you expect? It’s most intended for people playing with mods that disable infinite water.

The sludge from earlier? It goes into a Sludge Boiler:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
Which will slowly turn it into sand, dirt, and clay (and very rarely soulsand). If you have ExtraBiomesXL installed, it will also produce cracked sand and quicksand occasionally. Warning: standing next to an active sludge boiler may be hazardous to your health.

Sewage goes into a composter:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
Which produces Fertilizer items.

Ever have the feeling that there just isn’t enough lava in the world? The Lava Fabricator has your back:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes

There’s also an Oil Fabricator for those of you who feel the urge to pollute as much as possible:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
588kMJ/B (+12kMJ to refine it to fuel, which is worth 600kMJ/B). This thing is very slow due to the immense energy draw, so be patient.

Mob essence (and a ton of power) goes into an Auto-Enchanter:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
Which will install a random enchantment onto whatever is inside of it (it uses the same algorithm the standard enchanting table does). It has its own GUI as well:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
Allowing you to adjust the target level. Energy/Mob Essence cost to enchant is roughly (level^4) – low levels are cheap, 30 is gonna take a while.

The Auto-Enchanter can be used to take a second (and more) pass at enchanting items, but note that the cost goes up extremely fast relative to the number of enchantments already on the item!

As a new feature, you can “enchant” empty bottles and it will generate XP bottles. You can also drink mob essence with the straw to gain a level. If you want to get mob essence from your levels, use an XP extractor:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes

If you aren’t happy with which mobs you have, you can use an Auto-Spawner instead:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
It has a single slot which must be programmed with a safari net. However, whichever mob is in the net will be spawned. Spawning mobs requires mob essence and (a lot of) power.

The Auto-Spawner has an exact mode. When this is active, the mob contained in the safari net will be duplicated exactly, including things like villager trade data, sheep wool color, etc. However, inventory is not duplicated to prevent abuse. Exact mode requires more time, power, and essence.

Do you have too much cobble? Now you can put it in a Deep Storage Unit:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
This thing holds up to two billion of whatever you put inside it. The GUI looks like this:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
You can change which sides connect to the IN slots vs the OUT slots, as well as manipulate what it contains. It will attempt to keep a full stack of its stored items in the output slots, and if the item is stackable, will leave one in each of the two input slots so that it’s automatically filtered when connected to pipes/tubes/whatever (two input slots so that a stack of 64 can fit in one go). In addition, if you break it, it will remember its contents.

There is a config option to enable a cheaper recipe, if the requirement of ender pearls seems too expensive for what it does.

MFR also has the autocrafter to end all autocrafters, the LiquiCrafter:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
It has a crazy GUI that looks like this:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
Here I am using it to make IC2 coolant cells. It works like the following:

  • Set recipe template at top left.
  • Place materials used in the two rows below the template.
  • Apply redstone pulse.
  • Remove produced item from output.

In addition, it can use liquid in internal tanks to satisfy recipes that call for a filled liquid container. Here I’m using its water tank to fulfill the water bucket requirement for 10k coolant cells, but it will also work with lava buckets, or water cells, or any other liquid container that has been properly registered with Forge.
It also understands damagable items – you can use it to mass-produce RP2 microblocks! You just need to put a saw in the resources section.
Sides are input (resources), top/bottom are output (output slot).
If you’re still confused, I suggest you watch Wylker’s 2.1 video above.

Do you have problems with multiple equivalent ores? Try the Unifier:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
It has two slots, in (top) and out (bottom). It will attempt to turn anything in the top slot into the first Ore Dictionary entry for that item. For example, you can use this on a Mystcraft Dense Ores age to turn TE, IC2, RP2, Forestry, etc coppers into just one copper. Which one it is isn’t selectable by the user, but it is guaranteed to remain the same provided no new mods are added. It requires no upkeep. The top/bottom are input sides and the sides are output sides, if you want to use a pipe/etc network with it.
In practice, the output is usually the IC2 version of whatever, if you have IC2 installed.


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Got too many saplings and seeds? Shove them into a BioReactor:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
The GUI looks like this:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
The top 9 slots are input, and the next row of 9 are the internal buffer. Each internal slot must have a distinct type of plant – anything the Planter understands is acceptable fuel. The more types of saplings and seeds (etc) you add, the more fuel it generates per item available, so it’s preferable to have many kinds of things to put it in it. It generates BioFuel, which is sent to a BioFuel Generator:

MineFactory Reloaded Recipes

Which produces BuildCraft energy. If you want IC2 or UE output, use Power Converters.


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Is your factory not pretty enough? Try stained glass:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
Makes both panes and blocks, and available in all 16 colors. Note that due to how minecraft’s rendering works, water and ice behind stained glass will be invisible. I cannot fix this. Take this into account when building colorful glass walls in waterfalls.
New in 2.2, vanilla glass panes and MFR glass panes will connect to each other. This feature requires overwriting the vanilla glass pane block to work – if another mod does that for some reason, only one will work. If you disable the vanilla glass pane overwrite in the config, they will not connect.

Have you ever wanted to automate playing records? No? Well too bad, you get the Auto Jukebox anyway:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
The GUI looks like this:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
The top slot is accessible on all six sides by pipes (etc). If the top slot contains a record, a rising redstone edge will cause it to begin playing that record. If the top slot is empty, a rising redstone edge will cause it to stop playback.

The GUI has buttons for play (needs a record) and stop. It also has a record button. To use that, you put a record in the top slot and a blank record in the bottom slot. It will duplicate the record into the blank record.

You can make Blank Records like this:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes

Are you tired of your Ice Fortress Of Solitude melting because you wanted to see things? Try our new, unmelting ice:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
This ice does not melt in the presence of light sources and will not create water sources when broken (but you still need silk touch to move it). Note that this requires overwriting the vanilla ice block to work – if another mod does that for some reason, only one will work. if you disable the vanilla ice overwrite in the config, unmelting ice will be unavailable.

Want to use ice to make your roads slippery but are tired of farming ice? Well, now there’s actual roads:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
These are slippery like ice but look more like, well, roads. If you want to light up your paths, consider road lights:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
They will provide light when powered with redstone. If you’d prefer to not have to deal with redstone torches, grab an inverted road light:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
Inverted lights can be turned back into normal ones the same way.

There’s also a bunch of decorative brick types:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes

The glowstone bricks emit light.

You can also craft mossy cobble now:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes

There’s a Spyglass, for reading coordinates of blocks when doing complex builds:
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes

And a Straw, which allows you to drink various liquids found in the world. Warning: drinking some liquids may be bad for your health.
MineFactory Reloaded Recipes


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This is MFR’s new Redstone Network system. The most basic component is the RedNet cable:

MineFactory Reloaded Recipes

When placed, it will connect to any block it thinks it should. As of this writing, this is any any vanilla block with redstone properties, and any mod block at all. It contains 16 “subnets” that are chosen by rightclicking on the little color band that appears on a connected face with a hammer. You can also use dyes to rotate directly to a color (without consuming the dye). In this way, you can have multiple subnets within the same block by, for example, placing 3 levers around a cable.

RedNet cable carries analog singal levels with only a -1 penalty at the entrance. A signal strength of 8 at an input will be 7 at the output no matter how far away it is.

Note that at this time the color rotation is pretty finicky and you may need to move around a bit to get it to hit correctly. I’m working on this.

While it is possible to have machines that connect to every color at once, there are not any yet. There is an API to do it, however, if you have an idea!

Note for server owners: due to the cable not having any visual updates and not linking to vanilla (inert) building materials, this form of cabling is vastly more CPU and network efficient than certain other forms of redstone cable.


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These things were around before Railcraft, but every time I try to get rid of them people tell me I’m ruining Christmas, so they’re still here. You can make them like so:

MineFactory Reloaded RecipesMineFactory Reloaded Recipes

Passenger rails (lapis, blue) and cargo rails (chests, red) allow you to automatically load and unload people/cargo. Passenger rails grab anyone nearby and do their best to drop them in a safe location, and cargo rails interact with adjacent inventories.

Passenger rail effective radius can be controlled from the config file.

How to install MineFactory Reloaded Mod:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Install PowerCrystals Core (For Minecraft 1.6.4 or older).
  • Install CoFH Core (For Minecraft 1.7.10 and newer).
  • Download the mod.
  • Put downloaded archive into .minecraft/mods/ folder. Thats it!

MineFactory Reloaded Mod Download Links:

Older versions:

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For 1.5.2


For 1.6.4/1.6.2


For 1.7.10


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