Montazah Palace Map for Minecraft brings you to the desert with is a very big arab-egyptian place. You will see the gigantic Montazah Palace, an egyptian indoor, a Souk, a muezzin’s tower and more.


The Montazah Palace is a very big arab-egyptian place located in a desert, near a little pond.

The map contains :

  • The gigantic Montazah Palace.
  • An egyptian indoor.
  • A Souk.
  • A muezzin’s tower.
  • A market.
  • Three temples.
  • A pond.
  • A stable.
  • Battlements.
  • The vizier’s palace.
  • Lots of animals.
  • A little house far from the palace.


Map Size: 3000×3000.

Texture Pack: SummerFields Texture Pack

Credit TheLastGhost06