More Skins Packs is a BlockLauncher addon which adds eight new skin packs to Minecraft Pocket Edition. All of the new skins can be accessed for free and include categories such as YouTubers, Star Wars and superheroes. It’s a great addition to the game for anyone who want to quickly be able to switch between many different types of skins in-game.

How does it work?

The new skin packs can be accessed similar to other skins in Minecraft PE. Simply tap on the Skins button to access them.


Here are some of the skin packs which are included.




Select the skin of your liking. In our case we picked the Captain America skin. As soon you go in-game your skin will be changed.

The only downside we could find is that skins don’t save if you exit the game and return. Perhaps that’s a bug and something which will be fixed in the future.


More Skin Packs Mod for MCPE Download Link:


Author: JoePaleto

More Skin Packs Mod for MCPE
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