If you are the kind of person who enjoys games where you have to look through a pair of binoculars to make decisions based on a detailed view of far-away objects, or if you just enjoy seeing the beauty of the stars through a telescope, then you are sure to like the new Photoptics (Telescopes) Mod for Minecraft.


It is a brand-new mod, so it only has a few items so far, but as Minecraft players discover how cool the Photoptics  Mod is, more items and features will be added to the mod.


How the Mod Works

Minecraft is an open-ended “sandbox” game where the fun comes from interacting with your environment by mining for raw materials and building things with them.  The Photoptics (Telescopes) Mod 1.12.2 lets you build binoculars and telescopes out of materials already present in the Minecraft universe.  You can make binoculars out of four glass panes and three iron ingots.  To make a telescope using the mod, you need a glass block, a glass pane, and an iron block.   Both of the optical instruments allow you to zoom in and out by clicking the plus and minus keys, and the binoculars feature also has a night vision option.  It is available for several versions of Minecraft, including 1.8, 1.7.10, 1.9.4, and a few of the 1.12.2 versions.


Why the Photoptics Mod is So Much Fun

Minecraft is all about customization and individual choice, so the applications of the Photoptics (Telescopes) Mod for Minecraft are limited only to your imagination and creativity.  The binoculars and telescopes that you can make with the mod are particularly useful in multiplayer mode, because they make it easier to see other players from a greater distance.  Even when you are playing Minecraft in single player mode, the optical instruments that you can make with this mod can help you defend yourself against non-player bad guys because you can see them from far away and in low light.


As with so many other features of the Minecraft universe, you can use this mod just to make things look cool, perhaps with the objective of sending impressive-looking screenshots to your friends.  Whether your purpose in playing Minecraft is to engage your friends in strategic warfare or just to gaze at the heavens through a telescope, this mod will enhance your experiences in Minecraft.


Golden/Diamond (Red/Green/Blue) binoculars and telescopes are added:

  • Each of them have special colors to enhance your view.
  • They uses recipes with gold / diamond ingots and blocks, and red/lime/cyan stained glass (pane).

Ultimate binoculars and telescopes are added:

  • It has unbelievable magnification & light gathering power, to brighten up your view.
  • Quite expensive, as one will need as ender pearl/eye and enchanting table as ingredients.

Observation Reward System

  • Observation on certain celestial objects using handheld telescope will give you certain reward.
  • Pressing F key (Shift+X key on 1.9.4) (by default) while directly looking at the object does this.
  • The rewards are configurable, one can edit the list of object & reward commands match to modify the rewards!

Crafting Recipes:

photoptics-mod-crafting-recipes-2 photoptics-mod-crafting-recipes-1

Configuration & Commands

You can configure rewards Repeatable with Wait Duration, or Limit the observation by number (e.g. Like only available for 3 times) using ‘/observe setlimit’, ‘/observe resetcount’, ‘/observe setwait’ commands. Just try setting them in reward commands:

  • ‘/observe setlimit’ sets the limit number of observation for the player and object.
  • ‘/observe resetcont’ resets the observation count for the player. This allows inifinitely repetitive observation take place.
  • ‘/observe setwait’ sets the wait duration time before next observation. The time can be specified with unit ‘d’, ‘s’, ‘t’ where each means day, second, tick.

Reward commands may have these alternative parameters:

  • @p : the observing player
  • @o : the ID of the celestial object being observed
  • @x, @y, @z : the x, y, z coordinate of the player


Minecraft Forge

Stellar API

Stellar Sky Mod

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Author: abab9579