Pokeball and Poketraps Map for Minecraft allows you to catch mobs by Pokeballs and Poketraps. The map allows you to make Pokeballs and Poketraps with only one command block.


After you copied the command in a command block, you can craft pokéballs by dropping on the ground a redstone dust, a button and an iron ingot. To make a trap, drop on ground in the place you want the trap to be a pokéball, an iron block and a redstone block. The pokétraps will get stuck all mobs passing in a redius of 2 blocks from them and they can’t run away from it unless you destroy the trap or kill them.

Map Showcase:

How to use:

  • To add any one-command creation to your world, first give yourself a command block with /give @p command_block.
  • Next, place it and paste the following command inside it.


For 1.8

Link Download: http://dl3.file-minecraft.com/index.php?act=dl&id=1436887162

View: http://www.mediafire.com/view/2ubdv17x9878cd4/Pokeball-and-Poketraps-Map.txt

Credits: TheRedEngineer

Pokeball and Poketraps Map for Minecraft
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