PokeRadar for Pixelmon Mod for Minecraft will make your Minecraft world more interesting with a lot of functions related to Pokemon topic. You will never find your Minecraft world boring anymore!


What PokeRadar for Pixelmon Mod does?

Detect any pokemon in your area, Specify what pokemon to detect, also detect shiny pokemon and Boss pokemon! Every pokemon is displayed on the radar as a yellow dot. Boss pokemon are Orange dots, and Shiny Pokemon are Purple dots. The pokemon you are trying to detect will show up as green dots. In order to pick a Pokemon to detect press the Backslash key on your keyboard (Right above enter key) to bring up the entry form. There you will enter the name of the pokemon you are scanning for… note, must be spelled right.

PokeRadar for Pixelmon Mod Screenshots:

PokeRadar Mod

A lovely shiny Charizard indicated by a purple dot.

PokeRadar Mod

Thats a boss marowak indicated by an orange dot!

PokeRadar Mod

So We should search for a dratini?

PokeRadar Mod

Well here is three of them indicated by green dots!

Mod Review:

How to install and Download Link:

Credits: ChunkBin

PokeRadar for Pixelmon Mod for Minecraft
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