SkyBlock Map for Minecraft is one of the most interesting survival map ever. This maps is so simple to understand, what you need to do is just to survive and complete the challenges with your material.


It is one of the most popular Minecraft maps and it’s such a thing for a reason, because it manages to offer a whole lot of great details and a very exciting experience all around, which is really nice for sure.

What you will love about the SkyBlock Map Minecraft is the fact that it comes with a very simple idea, you are stranded on a very small island with a single chest and a tree, then you will have to expand the game world in order to survive.

It might sound easy at first, but the map does require a lot of attention and work from your side, as it can really bring you great results in the long run. The overall experience is very refined and it’s filled with possibilities, because SkyBlock Map does place you in maybe one of the ultimate survival solutions out there.

It’s a lot of fun to play this great map, and you do get plenty of cool opportunities from playing it which is really nice all the time to be honest.


The floating island concept does manage to deliver some great options for the title, but since this is the original map, this map is very basic. Don’t think about the size though, as it does come with just about all the ideas that you might want from the entire experience, and that will help you quite a lot as you play.

The more time you invest in it the more interesting it becomes, because you are free to modify the experience as you see fit. It’s a really exciting way to play and one that manages to offer a great variety that will be much appreciated.

Each time you start the map you will have different challenges, all of which will progress depending on your gameplay. Of course, the game will become harder and harder, with quite a lot of challenges coming as you progress. It will be very hard to play at first mainly because it’s difficult to determine how you can fit everything on the island, but the SkyBlock Map it’s a pleasure just because it manages to offer a ton of cool ideas.


  • Do not purposely jump off the island to regenerate your health.
  • Do not make a bridge to the mainland.
  • Play on at least easy difficulty.


  • 1) Build a Cobble Stone generator.
  • 2) Build a house.
  • 3) Expand the island.
  • 4) Make a melon farm.
  • 5) Make a pumpkin farm.
  • 6) Make a reed/sugarcane farm.
  • 7) Make a wheat farm.
  • 8) Make a giant red mushroom.
  • 9) Craft a bed.
  • 10) Make 64 stone brick’s.
  • 11) Make 20 torches.
  • 12) Make an infinite water source.
  • 13) Craft a furnace.
  • 14) Make a small lake.
  • 15) Build a platform 24 blocks away from the island, for mobs to spawn.
  • 16) Make 10 cactus green dye.
  • 17) Make 10 mushroom stew.
  • 18) Craft 10 Jack ‘o’ lanterns.
  • 19) Craft 10 bookcases.
  • 20) Make 10 bread.
  • 21) Collect 10 Ender-pearls.
  • 22) Cook 10 fish.
  • 23) Craft 10 Black Wool.
  • 24) Craft 10 Gray Wool.
  • 25) Craft 10 Light Gray Wool.
  • 26) Craft 10 Lime Green Wool.
  • 27) Craft 10 Red Wool.
  • 28) Craft 10 Yellow Wool.
  • 29) Craft 10 Pink Wool.
  • 30) Craft 10 Green Wool.
  • 31) Craft 10 Orange Wool.
  • 32) Craft 10 Snow Golems.
  • 33) Craft 20 Paintings.
  • 34) Build and light a nether portal.
  • 35) Craft 5 Gold Ingots.
  • 36) Craft 16 Glass Panes.
  • 37) Collect 50 birch logs.
  • 38) Collect 64 arrows and craft a bow.
  • 39) Craft 10 stone buttons.
  • 40) Craft 30 stone slabs.
  • 41) Craft 10 signs.
  • 42) Craft 20 ladders.
  • 43) Craft 20 fences.
  • 44) Craft 20 fence gates.
  • 45) Craft 10 levers.
  • 46) Craft 10 trapdoors.
  • 47) Craft 10 stone pressure plates.
  • 48) Craft 10 wooden pressure plates.
  • 49) Collect 64 bonemeal.
  • 50) Craft 20 cobblestone stairs.


skyblock map 1.11.2




Map Installation:

  • Go to Start Menu > Type %appdata%/.minecraft/saves folder
  • Download the map from the link provided below and extract file
  • Drag the downloaded file into the “saves” folder
  • Close tabs, run Minecraft and be ready to enjoy new map

Download Links:

For All Minecraft Versions (1.12.2, 1.11.2, 1.10.2, 1.9.4, 1.8.9, 1.7.10, etc):

Normal version:

Download from Server 1 – Download from Server 2

SkyBlock Hardcore

Download from Server 1

Credits: Noobcrew

SkyBlock Map for Minecraft 1.12.2/1.11.2
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