When you play Minecraft, one of the most important things that you need to be concerned about is definitely the way you move. Normal movement in Minecraft can be thought of as being very restrictive, but thankfully with the help of the Smart Moving Mod (Unlimited Moves) you will be able to enhance it, as the package includes new and better animations, as well as numerous other functions that will help you enhance your game experience.

Smart Moving 1.8

With the help of Smart Moving Mod you will not be limited to the normal moves such as walking, sprinting or crouching any more, instead you will be able to focus on more interesting types of movement such as climbing over large obstacles, going prone and so on.


Thanks to this mod, you will have the unique opportunity to activate a simpler way to walk within the world of Minecraft, one that is very easy to perform.

The Smart Moving Mod 1.10.2 allows you access to various movement types that weren’t available beforehand. For example, you will be able to climb the gaps in walls, ceilings, get up close and use the hanging vines then, if you want, you will get the opportunity to jump off walls when you are climbing.

Smart Moving Mod


With mod, you will also receive tons of animations that will affect things such as swimming, diving, flying or even falling.

The mod will make your experience a lot more interesting and unique because of that, as it will provide a high amount of realism.

Smart moving mod swimming

Smart moving mod swimming

Flying and falling

Flying and falling

gaps in the walls

gaps in the walls

It will be great for those gamers can want to perform head jumps, sliding and crawling in Minecraft, as this will help them achieve a whole new level of immersion!

Additionally, This mo comes with configurable sneaking, head jump, faster sprinting as well as exhaustion, a feature that you rarely see in games, but which, with the help of the smart moving mod 1.7.10/1.8.9 can easily be integrated in Minecraft.

How to install:


  1. Download and install the latest Minecraft Forge OR ModLoader, Player API and the Render Player API (this one is optional)
  2. Download the mod
  3. Unarchive it, then go to the %appdata%
  4. Enter the .minecraft/mods folder
  5. You will have to drag and drop the jar/zip file for the mod onto your Minecraft mods folder. If this is the first mod that you install you might need to create the mods folder on your own.
  6. Wait until the process has been completed and start Minecraft fully enjoy the mod.

The only thing that you need to double check here is that you have the latest Java version installed, because using the earlier versions might cause some malfunctions or instability when using the mod.

installation tutorial:

Credit video made by The_Cawkav:


Install Screenshot:

Smart Moving Mac installation

Smart Moving MOD MacOS installation-drag & drop directories Smart Moving MOD in the directory Mods


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This mod changes the behaviour of its features depending on the content of the configuration file “smart_moving_options.txt” in the “.minecraft” directory of your minecraft installation.

Currently the difficulty levels “Easy”, “Medium” and “Hard” are configured. You can switch between those in-game by pressing F9 (the exact button can be changed too)

More information about the configuration of this mod is included in its readme and option files.

Previous option files like “smart_climbing_options.txt” and “smart_ladder_climbing_speed_options.txt” are still accepted but their content is eventually overridden by the content of existing more actual option files.

If no option files are present at all, the default option values (all features, default configuration) will be used.

If an option is not present in the files, the corresponding default value will be used.

The option “move.options.version” will be used for cross version compatibility.


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This mod implements an optional crawling movement to fit through 1×1 passages.

To crawl you have to press the grab and the sneak button. When climbing would be possible at you current position and direction you might start climbing instead. To avoid this press the sneak button before the climb button to ensure to start crawling. When crawling you can release the grab button.

You can also free climb while crawling. Just move to the related edge press grab and move forward towards it.

Additionally you can free climb into a crawlable gap. Just press sneak while you climb up and you will end up crawling in the first crawlable gap along your climb path.

Crawling can be made togglable via the configuration file. When toggled on it can be toggled off by pressing the sneakbutton again to enter sneaking of by pressing the jump button to stand up immediately.

Faster Sprinting and Exhaustion:

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This mod implements a faster, optional, configurable sprinting and exhaustion behaviour. It is merged with the standard minecraft sprinting and hunger behavior.

To sprint you have to move forward and click and hold the sprint button (default “TAB”). Sprinting is currently possible for walking, swimming diving, crawling, and climbing.
Sprinting optionally causes exhaustion and will automatically end when a certain configurable threshold is reached.

To change this default sprint button visit Minecrafts “Options”/”Controls” menu.


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This mod implements ground sliding.

To slide on the ground you have to start sprinting first. Then press the sneak button while pressing the grab button.

Additionally you can start sliding from forward jumping or flying. Just hit the ground while pressing the sneak and thegrab button.

You will slide as long as the initial horizontal ground hitting speed and the ground spipperiness supports it. If the sneakbutton is still pressed when the sliding stops you start crawling instead.

To stop sliding before it stops itself simple stop pressing the sneak button.

Climb Jumps:

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This mod implements the possibility to jump up and back while free climbing.

To jump up climb up as far as possible and click the jump button.

To jump back stop climbing by releasing the forward button press the sneak button to hold the height release the grabbutton and click the jump button.

You can also head jump back instead by not releasing the grab button after pressing the sneak button and before clicking the jump button.

Side & Back Jumps:

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This mod implements the possibility to jump to the side or back while straightend on ground.

To jump left double click the left button, to jump right double click the right button and to jump back double click theback button.

You can also jump back-left and back-right by double clicking both relevant buttons at once.

Head Jumps:

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This mod implements the possibility to jump head first instead of head up.

To head jump start sprinting and press the grab and the jump button. When the jump button is released you will jump, head first, with a angle depending on how long you pressed the jump button.

Hitting ground while falling with your head first will damage you more than hitting ground with your feet first.

Wall Jumping:

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This mod implements the possibility to wall jump from blocks.

To wall jump from a block press jump while being airborne, release it, and press it again before hitting the block you want to wall jump from horizontally. When you collide with the block – while not falling too fast allready – a wall jump will be triggered.

You can also head wall jump from a block instead by also pressing the grab button before hitting the block you want to wall jump from.

To cascade your wall jumps just keep pressing jump. To break your cascade release jump. Hitting the ground or head wall jumping will also break the cascade.

Charged jumps:

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This mod implements optional, configurable charged jumps.

To start charging press and hold the jump button while sneaking on the spot. To jump either release the jump button or stop sneaking. The default maximum charge jump height is two blocks.

When you start moving while charging the charge will be lost.

Alternative Flying:

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This mod implements an optional alternative flying behaviour.

It completely replaces standard flying and allows you to fly up and down via looking. The standard flying jump to raise,sneak to fall behaviour has been reimplemented and works similar to its standard flying counterpart.

Alternative flying can be started and ended just like standard flying by double clicking the jump button.

Alternative Swimming and Diving

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This mod implements optional alternative swimming and diving behaviours.

To dive jump into still water that is at least two blocks deep. Then press and hold the forward button to dive. To steer use your mouse.
To swim stop holding the forward button and press and hold the jump button instead until you reach the surface. Then press and hold the forward button again to swim. To steer use your mouse again.
To dive again stop pressing the jump button and direct your mouse toward the depths.

When you are walking in one block deep water you can switch to diving by pressing the sneak and then the grab button. If you press the jump button before the grab button you will switch to swimming instead.

When you are swimming or divind in one block deep water you can switch to walking by pressing the grab button.

Configurable sneaking:

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This mod allows to configure the standard sneaking via the configuration file. The sneaking speed can set and sneakingcan be disabled at all.

Additionally sneaking can be made togglable. When toggled on it can be toggled off by pressing the sneak button again. This also works while swimming or diving.

Climbing up vines:

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To start climbing up vines hold the grab button when in front of a vine and hold the jump button to start climbing up.

To stop climbing up just release the jump button. To stop climbing at all release the grab button.

Climbing along ceilings:

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This mod allows climbing along ceilings as long as the ceiling block supports it. Currently only the steel fence block and the closed trap door block support ceiling climbing.

To start climbing along ceilings hold the grab button when below, but not too far below, the climbable ceiling. To stop ceiling climbing simply release the grab button.

If wall climbing is also possible when pressing the grab button, wall climbing will start instead. In this case turn into the direction you want to move to start ceiling climbing.

Ladder Climbing:

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This mod implements three additional modes of ladder climbing behaviour.

Simple Mode:

  • Standard climbing on complete ladder coverage
  • Standard climbing on feet only ladder coverage
  • Slow climbing on hands only ladder coverage

Smart Mode:

  • Standard climbing on complete ladder coverage
  • Slow climbing on feet only ladder coverage
  • Slow climbing on hands only ladder coverage
  • Standard climbing when “holes” in the walls next to the ladder are present (solid block/nonsolid block or half steps)

Free Mode:

  • Ladder climbing is functionally embedded in the feature free climbing.
  • Specific speeds are configurable on top of the free climbing configuration with Smart Mode-inspired default values

Free Climbing:

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This mod implements an optional mode of free climbing behaviour. When enabled by configuration or by default you can climb everywhere you find at least a block sized horizontal edge.

To climb up you have to move forward toward the edge (default “W”) and click and hold the grab button (default “LCONTROL”).
To climb down click and hold the grab button without moving forward toward the edge.
To grab an edge while falling down along a wall, rotate towards the edge in the wall and press the grab button. If you are still falling slow enough, free climbing will start. If you are beyond a certain falling speed when grabbing, damage will be done to you.

To change this default grab button visit Minecrafts “Options”/”Controls” menu.

Download Links:

For minecraft 1.8.9

For minecraft 1.8

For minecraft 1.7.10:

For minecraft 1.7.2:

For minecraft 1.6.4:

For minecraft 1.6.2:

For minecraft 1.5.2 (requires Minecraft Forge and Player API):

Credit by: Divisor

Smart Moving Mod 1.10.2/1.8.9/1.7.10 (Unlimited Moves)
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