Soul Forest Mod for Minecraft introduces a new dimension called Soul Forest, where you can find a lot of new ores, Grass, dirt Porphory, Slate, Granite, grapetree….


Soul Forest Mod adds 29 new ores, where 6 of those generate in the overworld, and the rest generates in the new dimension called Soul Forest. In this Soul Forest Dimension you will find Grass, dirt Porphory, Slate, Granite, my custom tree which is called the grapetree. In the future you will also find some other dimensions like this forest, for example the one that is the current dimension of the update 1.4 called Frost Caves, in here you can find lots of snow blocks (custom ones) and 3 different types of mobs along with some cool snowy towers.

On these trees you will find 6 types of vines (Baneberry, Blueberry, Blackberry, Cranberry, Razzberry, Raspberry, Strawberry), you can even find some cocoa beans on them. There is this weird thing going on with these trees where the vines don’t always spawn on the log itself, i am working on this. The world is a giant underground world, having large pools of water at the bottom and large patches of grass on the middle-top.

To get to this dimension you will have to create a portal (same frame as the nether portal frame) but instead of obsidian you use Silver (temporarily) and to activate it you place a silverore (temporarily) inside the frame, like you would normally do with flint and steel. This will change in later versions aswell as the portalblock texture which is now the purple one.

This mod adds about 12 new tool sets and 2 tiers above diamond. Also this mod adds 7 new armor sets.

Soul Forest Mod Screenshots:

The Soul Forest Dimension

Blue Slime

Snow Creeper

The new portal! Made with silver blocks and a silver ore.

The new mob, A flying Fairy.

The current biome dont worry the old foresty one will come back

Soul Forest Achievement Tab


  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download Soul Forest Mod file.
  • Open Soul with winrar or 7-zip.
  • Drag all the folders gui, mob and textures into the minecraft.jar file.
  • Put Soul in your mods folder (located in .minecraft)
  • Close your minecraft.jar and Soul
  • You are ready to play.

Pro tip: If your minecraft crashes when you have just added a mod and you have multiple mods installed, start fresh and install mods one by one.



  • Fixed the gemcutter IT NOW WORKS YEAH
  • Fixed multiple biomes, IT NOW WORKS TOO
  • Fixed Soul Sapling (it now grows trees, how to get it? it does not yet drop indeed)
  • Fixed custom mobs not dropping items
  • Fixed Thick Soul Snow being able to be removed by any water source, which caused quite some lagg in the Frost Caves biome.
  • Changed some textures for pickaxes and swords
  • Added gemcutter recipes
  • The gemcutter now also is craftable
  • Re-added Tanzanite Sword as it is part of the tanzanite tool set.
  • Tools now shows more information
  • Armor now shows more information
  • Added coloured information
  • Added Titanium, Porphyry and Slate Brick types
  • Added mob name tags.
  • Added waterfalls & lava falls in my dimension
  • Re-introduced a custom structure (The Ice Tower).
  • Added custom mob spawners inside ice tower
  • Added a new tree (The Hardwood Tree)
  • Added new biomes (Black Forest, Dark Caverns, Frozen Plains and Marona Woods)
  • Added new Terrain Blocks (Fyrised Sand and Frozen Grass)
  • Added particle effect to Fyrised Sand
  • Added a 4×4 grid workbench (The Ice Workbench) with some cool new recipes. (you are now able to craft some enchantment books)
  • The enchantmentbook crafting recipes will take a long time to craft (and a lot of ingredients)
  • Added 2 custom enchantments (Frost and Enhanced) both having a max level of 4
  • Added armour set bonuses

Download Links:

For 1.7.10

For 1.6.2

For 1.5.2

Credits: OwnAgePau

Soul Forest Mod for Minecraft
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