Minecraft is home to some of the best modding in the world. A mod is simply a user’s tool that allows you to play the game in a different way, sometimes other than how the developer intended. You have the freedom to do more things than what was previously created in the game, thus adding a different element of play in the mix. One of the more popular mods for Minecraft is the Sound Filters Mod. The Sound Filters Mod for Minecraft involves adding a sense of realism to the world of Minecraft without taking anything in way. In fact, you may have noticed all along that the sound in the game actually did not sound right before installing this mod. If you happen to be underground, or even wedged between a wall, shouldn’t the sound be a bit different than if you were in an open space? The Sound Filters Mod for Minecraft fixes that issue by giving you that sense of realism and making sounds happen the way they should depending on where your character is in the game. It is a very subtle change but one that will be noticeable no matter what you are doing.

The Sounds Do Matter

All of the sounds in the game essentially receive a tune-up when you use the Sound Filters Mod for Minecraft. If you happen to be underwater, inside lava, in a cave, or otherwise not in an open space, you will get the same sense of sound that you would in real life. Condensed, muffled, and otherwise distorted. If you are in an open area, some place that would normally call for an echo, the sound effects will match that atmosphere and give back to you something that can truly be appreciated and understood. This was not necessarily a limitation on the game’s part but an oversight that was easily corrected and only adds to the fun you have while playing.


Realistic and Great

In summary, this mod does exactly what you would want out of a game: makes it even more real without breaking any core elements. It gives you an even better since of immersion and helps you get even more lost in an already amazing world to get lost in. Give the Sound Filters Mod a try and see why so many people vouch for its authenticity already. You will not be disappointed and it will be a permanent mod added to your library of ever-growing mods already.

Mod Showcase:

Sound Filters Mod Installation:

  • Download and run the latest version of Minecraft Forge 1.10.2
  • Go to Start Menu > Type %appdata%/.minecraft/mods
  • Download the mod
  • Move the downloaded Jar (zip) file into the “mods” folder
  • Done and Enjoy the mod.

Download Links:

Older versions:

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For 1.9

For 1.9.4

For 1.10

For 1.10.2

Credits: Tmtravlr

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