Minecraft is a great game but its interface could use some work. The reality is that many times you can’t really find the information you want from the interface and that can be demanding as well as very time consuming. With that in mind, the StatusEffectHUD Mod can be the one to offer you a very good experience.


What this does is that it allows you to customize the screen area you want and also showcase the information you need displayed in order to play better and faster. If you are an avid Minecraft fan then you know how much value the StatusEffectHUD Mod 1.8 can bring to the table and that’s what really makes the experience so immersive in the first place.


Once you add in this mod you will get the ability to harness the power of StatusEffectHUD Mod Minecraft in order to show the active potions and effects without having to open your inventory in battle. Not only is this offering you an immense value, it also helps make everything simple and more refined which is what matters the most.

It’s well worth trying this mod if you are a fan of the game, but even if you are a beginner, you will see that this opens up quite a hefty number of new possibilities. That’s what makes everything special and exciting, the fact that you can really check out a multitude of ideas and exciting moments that you do not want to miss and with that in mind the experience can be a very good one to say the least.


As a fan of Minecraft you will appreciate the fact that the existing inventory effects remain there, instead the mod makes it simpler for you to see effects without offering a lot of challenge to the experience. It’s very simple and well worth your time, you can rest assured of that.

This mod is very easy to configure as well, so if you don’t really like the layout of the default configuration you can change it as you see fit. That’s what delivers the value and quality that you want in the end, you can rest assured of that.


You can also check for version updates, something you will also like quiet a lot since the commands are very easy to access and use at your own convenience.

With a great attention to detail and an immense focus on the results at hand, the StatusEffectHUD Mod Minecraft really is a stellar tool to use as you see fit. I liked using it and I am sure that you will do too. Don’t hesitate and download it right now as it can really boost your gameplay!

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  • Download and run the latest version of Minecraft Forge (or Modloader 1.8).
  • Install BspkrsCore
  • Go to Start Menu > Type %appdata%/.minecraft/mods
  • Download the mod
  • Move the downloaded Jar (zip) file into the “mods” folder
  • Done and Enjoy the mod.



  • Updated to Minecraft 1.7.2,
  • Updated 1.8

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Older versions:

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For 1.7.2

Download from Server 1

For 1.7.10

Download from Server 1

For 1.8

Download from Server 1

Credits: bspkrs