The Sword Pedestal Mod adds two new blocks (or actually entities) to the game which can be used as sword display stands. It’s similar to the Armor Stand Mod, except that this one is used for keeping your swords instead of your armor.

How does it work?

The pedestals can either be obtained through the creative inventory or by crafting them in-game. Currently it’s slightly bugged in survival mode (e.g., it’s impossible to retrieve a placed sword and the fact that they won’t save on exit) but hopefully that will be fixed within a day or so.

  • Pedestal (200) – 1 iron ingot + 3 stone slabs
  • Cobblestone Pedestal (201) – 1 gold ingot + 3 cobblestone slabs

Once you’ve placed down a pedestal on the ground you can add any of the following items to be displayed on the pedestal: wooden sword, stone sword, golden sword, iron sword or diamond sword. Tap on the pedestal again to retrieve the item (but as mentioned, that’s currently bugged in survival mode).


Sword Pedestal Mod for MCPE Download Link:


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