Minecraft is one of the most popular indie games on the face of this planet. With over 3 million copies of the game being sold. The game’s popularity originates from the awe-inspiring and jaw dropping gameplay. Not only through the amazing gameplay, but from the Minecraft community.

Anyone that plays Minecraft will not be afraid to tell their friends about it, as it is incredible. There are endless things that can be done in the game, but anything that IS done, has to be done by the player. This article is how I will help you do just that. If you are new to the game or if you are just reading this to get some extra thoughts on how to play, this article will definitely be a good one. Enjoy these tips on how to be an efficient Minecrafter!

#1 Plan Ahead:
 When playing Minecraft planning what you will be doing next is very important. If you do not plan before you go out and adventure your world or go to mine some diamonds, you will be unprepared for one of the many bad things that could happen to you.

  • Always bring a sword. You never know if a creeper has been stalking you and is waiting for the perfect moment to explode. Or maybe if you got lost and you are getting home at night. You will need to fight the zombies, spiders, creepers, and skeletons.
  • You can never bring enough food. Do not forget to bring food on your trip. You might fall into a pit or accidentally catch yourself on fire, or that creeper that was stalking you explodes because you forgot your sword.
  • House supplies. Yes, house supplies. Getting lost in the dark forest isn’t fun especially when the sun is going down. Bring stuff to build a house, this includes: Wooden Planks (or your favorite building material), a Crafting Table, Chests, a Stove, a Door, and a bed. Or you could just bring all the supplies to craft those things.
  • I feel like this is a no brainer, but you never know. ALWAYS bring torches. You might want to wander into a cave, but don’t even think about it without having torches, unless you spot some coal to craft a couple.

#2 Stay Organized: Life sucks when you’re unorganized. Having an unorganized inventory means that you will get very frustrated throughout the game. Try and keep all of your tools and items organized in a neat way. Keep the most important tools in the first four boxes. The order I usually use is, sword, pickaxe, axe, and shovel. I keep these tools in the first 4 boxes so I can press the number keys with my fingers for quick switching. The rest of the boxes, not including the last one, are for building supplies, food or anything you want. The last box to the far right is usually where I place my torches. That way I can switch to my sword #1 then scroll up and go to my torches for quick lighting. Inside the inventory when the inventory button is pressed is my building supplies, extra torches, extra tools, food, and other miscellaneous items. But whenever I do have items in there, they are organized. Try and put items of similarity in a certain part of the inventory like the top right, the bottom left, or the middle. Remember to keep your chests organized too. Maybe keep a separate chest for a separate type of item, like weapons, tools, wool, or food.

#3 Mine Effectively: Mining effectively is very important in Minecraft. After all, it is called MINEcraft. To mine effectively in Minecraft first you will need to do the 2 steps above, stay organized and plan ahead. Now when you’re mining you can either mine in a cave or create a mine shaft. Mining in a cave can be dangerous because there are dungeons and monsters in them. But that’s all part of the fun right? Right! Either way you will probably end up in a cave somehow. Anyways, when I make a mine shaft I like to go straight down as far as my ladders will reach. Then when I’m at the bottom I will usually start mining in the opposite direction of the ladder. Usually in a two blocks high fashion until I find a cave or something of value. I may end up going back and making the shaft wider and taller, which will greatly increase my chances of finding any type of ore. If you decide to find a cave, the strategy is pretty straight forward. Look for ores and keep away from monsters. Always do remember to never mine the block you are standing on, because there might be a huge hole or lava under it. You can always hold shift which will not let you fall off the edge of a block.

Okay! Well those are my three tips to being an efficient and effective miner in Minecraft. Not too hard, but not incredibly simple. I hope you enjoyed this, because I sure enjoyed writing it.

The 3 Steps to Mining Effectively in Minecraft
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