The Forgotten Island IV Map for Minecraft is a survival map which allows you to explore the amazing terrain and hidden dungeons. You find villager all around the Island (someone are hidden) that trade you epic items!


In dungens you find stronger enemys, then you normaly find in vanilla minecraft, like: Lighting Creepers, Zombies with regen, jumping spiders, and much more. There is also epic loot to be found and “Spirits” that you can use to trade with vilagers for more epic loot.

This map contains:

  • 6 Custom dungeons
  • Alot of different custom items!
  • Custom trees (there is only custom trees)
  • Custom villager trades
  • A lot of fun!



  • Download and Unzip to “TFI-IV” folder.
  • Then you end up with a normal folder called “TFI-IV”.
  • In “TFI-IV” folder you got a folder called “The Forgotten Island IV” & and a world map.
  • Put the “The Forgotten Island IV” folder in you saves or in your server.
  • Enjoy!

Texture Pack: Sphax PureBDCraft Texture Pack!nc4EhD6K!MjV5NFxJR8VXlPZp2RlLsTSeDw11rVxqA686Ubzqipw