Expand Your Minecraft Villages into Cities

Install the Walled City mod to add huge, walled cities to your Minecraft world. You can change the layout and size of the cities to your liking, so you can make them big, small, filled with people or populated by hardly any villagers.


Not only can you make overworld cities, but you can create cities in the Nether, if fire and monsters is your favorite type of play.

Yeah, this one is kind of cheating…

If you want to start a new world and eliminate some of the work associated with mining, install the X-ray mod. This one lets you switch certain materials into invisible, so you can make dirt and cobblestone invisible and easily find the best ores–and most importantly, diamonds. This turns on and off, so you can use it in your moments of desperation. I won’t judge.

Totally transform your game with YogBox

Including 34 different mods, this huge YogBox mod pack turns vanilla Minecraft into a whole new experience. You’ll gain Mo’ Creatures, Better Dungeons, Battle Towers, Extra Biomes XL, Ropes+, Balkon’s Weapon Mod, Thaumcraft, and more. This is perfect for anyone who wants limitless adventuring with lots of shiny new things.

Three Essential and Fun Minecraft Mods
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