The Waving Plants Shaders Mod Is a Loving Tribute to Our Photosynthesizing Friends

It was a dark and stormy night.  The palm trees swayed in the breeze. Dorothy and Toto ran for cover as the tornado approached.  What do all these scenarios have in common?  In order to look realistic, they all have to involve trees, grass, and other forms of plant life moving in response to the wind.  Animators who worked on early hand-drawn animated films used to boast that, in their movies, even blades of grass moved.


You would think that, since computer graphics are capable of so much, that video game graphics could at least show plants waving and swaying in the wind the way they do in real life, but many videogames, including the unmodified version of Minecraft, make plants look as though they are inanimate objects.  If you want to see a Minecraft world in which the plants move like the plants outside your window, then the Waving Plants Shaders Mod for Minecraft is for you.



By themselves, Minecraft visuals are not too interesting, so there are a lot of different mods out there. The mod is by no means the most elaborate Minecraft shaders mod out there, but it knows what it wants to accomplish, and it does it. The mod lets you see leaves trembling, blades of grass swaying, and tree branches blowing around in a storm. This really makes the game more enjoyable. The plants in the Waving Plants Shaders Mod 1.11.2 can make you feel your character’s sense of danger, serenity, or whatever other feeling characterizes the situation your character is in.


The Waving Plants Shaders Mod knows what it is, and it knows what it is not.  It is not trying to be all things to all people.  If you want a mod that makes the Minecraft landscape look more realistic because the plants behave like real plants, then you can’t go wrong with the mod. The mod is something of a simple pleasure in a time when shader mods try to outdo each other with their flashiness and their cinematic special effects. This mod isn’t going to make Minecraft look exactly like reality, but it does add an important detail that lots of other mods and other games omit.

How to install:

  • 1. Download GLSL Shaders Mod by Karyonix and OptiFine HD
  • 2. Download Waving Plants Shaders Mod
  • 3. Download and install Minecraft Forge 1.10.2
  • 4. Navigate to your minecraft.jar.
  • 5. Delete META-INF.
  • 6. Drag and drop the contents of the Forge folder into the jar and delete META-INF if your using Forge.
  • 7. Drag and drop the contents of the GLSL Shaders folder into the jar.
  • 8. Drag and drop the contents of the OptiFine folder into the jar.
  • 9. Open Minecraft and go to “Options”.
  • 10. Click on Shaders and select “Open shaderpacks folder”.
  • 11. Drag the Waving Plants Shaders into the folder.
  • 12. Select Waving Plants and select “Done”.


  • 1. Unzip the Waving Plants folder.
  • 2. Find gbuffers_terrain.vsh and open it with a word editor.
  • 3. You can enable things by removing // infront of things e.g
    • #define WAVING_GRASS
  • 4. You can disable things by adding // infront of things e.g
    • //#define WAVING_GRASS

How to use with other Shaderpacks:

  • 1. Unzip the Waving Plants.
  • 2. Unzip the shaders that you are using
  • 3. Replace the gbuffers_terrain.vsh in your shaders with the one from Waving Plants.
  • 4. Add // infront of #define WAVING_WATER inside gbuffers_terrain.vsh if water is buggy.

Low FPS:

  • If you are experiencing low FPS set your render distance, smooth lighting off and Chunk Loading to Multi-Core. You can also edit gbuffers_terrain.vsh to turn on and off certain things from waving by adding or removing // if your game is experiencing low FPS.

No Waving Wheat:

If you don’t see waving wheat with your texture pack:

  • 1. Create a folder called ctm inside the texture pack that you are using.
  • 2. Create a folder called default inside the ctm folder.
  • 3. Download this and place it inside the default folder.

Download Links:

Older versions:

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For 1.7.10/1.7.5/1.7.4/1.7.2

Full VersionDownload from Server 1

Lite Version (Waving grass, leaves and wheat only): Download from Server 1

Addon:gbuffers_terrain.vsh  – Biomes O’ Plenty, Natura, Growthcraft, Highlands.

For 1.8

Full version: Download from Server 1

Lite version: Download from Server 1

For 1.9.x:

Download from Server 1

For 1.10.x:

Download from Server 1

For 1.11.x:

Download from Server 1

Waving Plants Shaders Mod 1.11.2/1.10.2/1.7.10
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